speechless by a writer who should be pen-less.

so...all sleepy eyed and groggy - I manage to pull myself out of my bed and log on, only to find myself, 20 minutes later, totally engrossed in this very interesting article on 'business pundit'. without ruining it for myself, I go page by page through the '25 Visionaries Who Created Empires From Virtually Nothing' piece. and the piece while being quite impressive and predictable listed only 2 out of 25 people, were women; they were the 2 last listings on the page. all of the people were mostly caucasian, with exceptions like Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez. Ayn Rand was the last woman listed and right before her was one of my faves, Ms. Ciccone - Madonna, herself - but how did she beat Oprah onto that list?!?

I ask of you - are we that mentally and gender-depleted for the writer of this article to be so void of options when he crafted this mashup of words? certainly not. in fact, upon a bit of research and knowledge (being a female entrepreneur myself) I have re-created the list to reflect the women and minorities who have changed our world as we know it. perhaps they didn't create the PC or Yahoo! but they have made huge advances from nothing, which is what the article was supposed to reflect.

the revised list is below in a completely separate post since it deserves to stand alone without the taint from that b.s. of an article I read this morning. there are many other things wrong with the inductees as well, to this delisional writer's repetoire:

Steve Forbes - not a self-made man. he's been lucky enough to have been an heir of his daddy's empire. he runs a magazine with his inheritance. he might as well have included Paris Hilton.
why are these athletes in there?
Tiger Woods: his talent, not entrepreneurship got him to where he is. Alex Rodriguez: what empire did he create???? David Beckham: I mean, he is easy on the eyes and makes an offensive amount of money per annum on endorsement deals, but did he create an empire? or did he get that empire because of his talent?
if listing them, why not have included:

Michael Jordan - Shaq - LeBron - Kobe Bryant - Arthur Ashe - Venus & Serena - and many many others....

well, I have my own speculations. in fact, i voiced those speculations in the 'comments' section on the page, as did many other people, and since then it has been changed, only to include Oprah in place of Forbes, but hey - it's a beginning.

anyway, I can go on and on about the lack of ingenuity and intelligence that went into this article. but have a read below and let me know your thoughts.

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