Chi-town at it's finest, people's actions - a whole other story.

I peeped this on one of my favorite blogs. it's a clip from the Showtime series, "This American Life" which while I have never watched, seems to perfectly depict what is wrong in this country.

I love my Chicagoan friends. I do. but in such a (still) heavily segregated part of the country, there is something very un-funny about this scenario. as a matter of fact - they even say in the clip that there is a new term for how segregated Chicago is: HYPER-SEGREGATED.

there is much about the Wieners Circle that represents a microcosm of our world, especially right here in our homeland. with a 99% White crowd and 100% Black
staff - you can plainly see what happens when us 'kids' are left alone to play.

what was once a 'good-idea' marketing tactic via the owners, has slowly turned into a cathartic avenue for rich drunk kids, to unleash their fears and ignorant beliefs...which should have been kept in, and those people and their intoxication, kept out.

even the owners remark how morally-sadistic the crowd is, and the workers - well you can see the pain in their eyes regarding the 'accepted abuse' they undergo just to get paid.

warning - strong language, may not be suitable at work, unless you are self-employed, or...work at a hot-dog stand.

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