google is babysitting craigslist

they did it again, google. they rented an apartment upstairs from my neck (aka in my head for those of you who haven't had coffee yet) and stole my year-old idea. i mean, it was about time, but is there anything they can't do? seriously.

craigslist -
before i go on, ponder the word, the man, the machine - and ask yourself: if there is one thing i would change about the search function, what would it be?

yourself would answer: to look on all of the craigslist's at once.

after all - if you need, and i mean need, that THRILLER record by MJ himself...why would you limit your isht by only looking in NY? perhaps if you had the time, you might stop by and wander around philly's CL, but all in all - it's a waste of time.

low and behold, my brainchild which google took countless hours to hide and make so damn undercover, you actually need instructions.

instructions so circumstantial, you must just go to the instructions herein laid out by Wired to see it's magic. now - i will warn you, if i get one threatening comment or email because you can't stop going on google to look for things on craigslist (two nemeses employers complain about attacking the production of their employees), then you will be banned, banned i say.

have fun wasting and chasing.

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