cheers to green (and free) reading!

my new favorite vice - reading magazines. free magazines. online ; without having to worry about them taking up space in my 850 sq. foot apartment with a 300-book library. my ideas are running thin on making furniture out of my old magazines.

Mygazines , provides a greener & cheaper alternative to buying, keeping and then having to recycle magazines. my advice is to save trees and money folks, and halt your subscriptions for the next year or so...

you can search for your favorite magazine, a certain article. topic or feature. you can clip them out and create your own 'magazine' out of the virtual tear-offs. email them, or post them to your del.icio.us account.

as I was fanning (as much as you can do through a pdf) Vogue, a question crossed my mind - how is this legal? I mean it's groundbreaking and I am not complaining, but it seems they are on that legal edge of what's acceptable in the publishing & copyright world.

so my advice is get it while it's hot off the 'presses' folks. keep reading alive dammit...and enjoy.

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