NYC must have it's SAG card by now

is NY still on this post-911 kick of promoting tourism? are they giving people money to shoot in the city when they could take their films elsewhere like Seattle or Chicago, albeit not as cool - though films are definitely shot there. are there tax benefits I don't know about?

what happened to the romantic Paris, or dirty LA, or pristinely segregated San Fran...go there movie-people, show me other cities, suffice my cathartic vice of travel.
though i am an avid Netflix watcher, I also pirate - which isn't legal, but neither is what happens 100% of the time on my favorite TV show, Weeds.

here is a list of the previous 20 movies I have seen in the past 30 days. the purple ones were shot in NY. these are in no particular order. and some of them aren't new-releases, so feel free to comment on my tastes or the flicks themselves :-).

if anyone has any information about this suspicious initiative by NY to bring revenue into our city, please spill the reels. (get it? ok...)

the namesake

the happening

made of honor

sex and the city
the business of being born
the wackness

lucky slevin
- which is totally amazing, btw.
the incredible hulk 2008
what happened in vegas
forgetting sarah marshall
you don't mess with the zohan

babymama - you don't have to see this one.
hellboy II
dark knight - doesn't really count, though it is gotham.

the kite runner
michael clayton - pheonomenal flick
the brave one
definately maybe
jacobs ladder
- if you haven't seen this since the time it was on TV or it first came out, you seriously need to watch it again. movie is crazy!!

for an interesting and very incomplete list spanning several decades, click here.

so as you can see, i am not sticking to one particular genre nor time period. these are literally 20 random films i have seen out of my own free will in the past month, and 15 out of 20 have NYC in common.

these are the things that keep me wondering. has this happened to you - where you sit down to watch a movie and there you are not surprised about the landscape or accent because you are sitting beside it, within it....

babylon it is indeed, good ol' NYC.

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