hungry? get your grub on...

for as long as I can remember I have had impenetrable beliefs in caring for my diet. in fact, as I grow older (albeit wiser) I learn more and more that most people do more research on which cell-phone to purchase (new touch-screen Blackberry coming out, btw) than they do the story behind their meals.

do you know which vegetables you should buy organic due to an overabundance of pesticides?

do you know what happens in the meat industry just so you can celebrate your promotion with an Anus, or celebrate Thanksgiving?

I have also learned people choose not to be educated on this matter. they would rather eat and live in ignorance than to further learn, decipher, analyze and decide on what to do about their diet choices. and then, there is that select group who is completely apathetic about the quality of animals' and workers' lives.

for the most part it's negligence - giving up the validity of your own responsibility in situations. but at least have the decency to understand the value of life...enjoy those ribs and egg omelet folks ;-).

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