sand in your pants

i don't know how they created the virtual version of the above. but i like it.
a lot.

this is sand is the most phenomenal waste of time, either procrastinating at home - or better yet, making money while doing it at work. why count the minutes, when you can count sand grains.

all of you '80s kids - put aside memories of garbage pail kids, and skids - how bout:
colorful sand art in bottles?
at camp, festivals, carnivals, a rich kid's birthday party?

all you have to do (if at work) is turn off the sound, and start to move that mouse feverishly. otherwise, keep on that soothing waterfall of sand grains onto your screen - and create away. you can even submit it to the gallery once you are done.

to start, click the diminutive square in the upper left hand corner. my 2 year old niece could follow the directions, so i think you'll be okay. enjoy lads.

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