some pretty amazing feats...

if this doesn't touch your heart, you are a robot.

I swear it's not corny, it's actually quite amazing for a 6 year old!

her name is Connie Talbot, and she apparently likes Bob Marley - which means I like her. she was on Britain's Got Talent, and swept through to the finals. she's even made some adults cry...anyway, her CD is out, and you should consider a purchase. I have. see Connie's site here.


there are many times I am in Times Square and I find myself cursing the American public, tourists and New Yorkers alike. it's so overdone and forced, crowded and sub-human. but here and there, some really cool stuff happens...this is one of them.

who is he? I don't know, and I would be surprised if you do; he is a (cheesy looking) record producer/clothing maker who reps Andy Hilfiger (yes, the 50 year-old looking brother of Tommy) and has his album coming out soon. I guess giving the money out to homeless people isn't really 'good marketing' since they don't buy albums.


this little guy is one of my favorites. he used to be the regular Sunday act for the Seattle Sonics at their Sunday games, until the Sonics went bye-bye. but his 6-year old career isn't going anywhere, check him out...B-boy Jalen Testerman.

special right? is there something these 6-year old's are eating? what is really in their milk?!


so, regular jumping off buildings and gymnastics weren't enough for these kids overseas. instead, they have taken movie stunts, and made them real - enter: Free-jumpers and Free-runners. just some bored kids in Russia, Paris and the UK who need some excitement in their lives. you might want to put this on mute, unless you like bad music.

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