yahoo vs. lady luck

yahoo recently put out "8 ways to stomp the dating drama". my take is that the writer is not a babylonian resident. since NY has some of the biggest dating woes, i have altered some of their advice, well, actually - all of it. you compare the two... and let me know what you think.

1. yahoo says : when you break up, make it for good.

lady luck says : if (s)he continuously messes up on that one issue, bounce.
from my experience, the warning signs are there from the beginning. if it comes up more than once and the same result is present each time, well - there you have the definition of insanity. why be insane when you can be fabulous and on top of your game? don't stick around to talk, move on.
2. yahoo says : learn to spot drama-prone personalities.
lady luck says : if your girlfriends are dramatic, good luck finding a partner who ain't.
this goes for man and woman. if you haven't picked out some drama-less friends, chances are your radar for the opposite sex won't be that keen. start cleaning up your backyard before you begin to landscape the front. and note - if you are drama prone, and you are lucky enough to find someone who isn't - well they are just going to leave your ass before you get a chance to.
3. yahoo says: stop picking fights.
lady luck says : argue! just pick your battles.
expressing your dismay about hour long phone calls with ex's is totally normal, or your partner clearly not out and about with their best friend, but over their 'secret friend's' house. i vote to be succinct in your speech, eliminate emotion, and sink your teeth into facts that can't be argued. and btw, on rainy days - y'all should be in bed knockin boots, not screaming at each other.
4. yahoo says: learn how to say, "game over!"
lady luck says: hell yes, throw in that towel.
if you can see they thrive off of you getting red in the face, and can't see the beauty of 'when you're mad' like Ne-Yo, then be out. after all, if you wanted to play games at this point, you wouldn't be steady seeing them more than 2 times a week, and would still be getting your groove on elsewhere. i say - start off anew, wipe your slate clean.
5. yahoo says: take your arguments down a notch.
lady luck says : are you seriously still in this relationship?
if (s)he is overly critical and you doubt their love for you - you should start questioning what it is you are looking for: a father/mother figure, some abuse with a side of salt - wake up people!!
life is too short for you to be wasting your time and breath with all this arguing. let things roll of your back - it takes more energy to be upset than it does to be happy. TRUST.
6. yahoo says : find other ways to create excitement in your relationships.
lady luck says : if you have lost excitement in your relationship...
that means you are not nearly being experimental enough in the bedroom. get a book on tantra, or get off, and get out.
7. yahoo says: detox the drama addiction.
lady luck says : if you are dating and need counseling - run for the border.
unless you are married and forced to work things out, for numerous reasons, counseling should not ever be in your repertoire. there is still time to save face, and money.
8. yahoo (finally) says : know that drama gets boring.
lady luck (emphatically) says : if when you write that pros/cons list, the cons outweigh...
then grab your pride, toothbrush, pajamas and dvd you lent them - and leave. there is absolutely nothing keeping you in this relationship besides your fear. and fear is a fake assumption of future happenings. if you believe in yourself, you will not fail. stop the drama is right.

the 'masterpiece' itself: yahoo article.

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