the real monster is - a sad attempt at fame, with this Montauk hoax.

this is the most pathetic attempt to gain attention for these three 20-something wanna-be's from Montauk.

how bout this for a movie...

the main character's stories are:

Rachel Goldberg thought her aging looks, even at only age 29 would be ignored...but if she only had a media stunt - an idea, where she could become famous overnight and not have to get into acting - that would be ideal.

Jenna Hewitt agreed, and knew her mid-20's looks were disappearing and thought instead of getting a stylist, losing weight, or getting her hair done - that she would take place in the hoax.

Courtney Fruin has a scientist ex-boyfriend who she stalked in Plum Island and thought this would be a great way to give them bad press.

Monster - note: it will not look like any of the animals above. To be a computer-digitized image of a mix of three random animals just so it can debunk any scientists go at what it may be/where it may have come from.

the dialogue went like this, on a Friday in early July:

"Rachel, I swear I am getting saddlebags. What can I do to find a man without having to workout and actually pretend to be smart?" said Jenna

"Well, Jenna - I know this girl Courtney who got dumped by this hot scientist who works right here on Plum Island. She wants to get him back and thought of this amazing idea...let's have lunch at the Surf Lodge and talk about it on Monday."

Monday comes...

The three pseudo-socialites go to the 'hot spot' Surf Lodge out in Montauk just so they can be spotted and decide to talk about their plot to become famous. Jenna and Rachel approach Courtney and bring up her ex who hurt her, and works at a lab where they do animal-testing. Knowing of a science-testing facility out in their rural town of Montauk, the three decide to play desperate and come up with a ridiculously obvious plan to expose the Plum Center by creating a monster of no known origin. Oh, and then - it disappears...yep....to their friends backyard, where they um...let it decompose, and now where is it? Well, they decided to put the bones in a box.

Their simple minds averaged it would take three weeks, but it wound up taking only two to make the image. All eye witnesses were their friends, and no known people are to have said to see it who are not part of their clique.

the plot:

Post on an internet site.
Gain buzz and attention from the even 'simpler' American media.
Make appearances on web-tv and tv's hottest news stations.
Gain fame and notoriety before getting discovered as fakes.

the ending:

let's not spoil it and let the actors do it for themselves.

I thought at first it could have been real. After watching these a**holes in an interview, I used my better judgement as should you - check it out for yourselves here.

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