Italian's are fans of bans...

E BASTA COSI!!! (enough is enough)

Italy is bugging out. hardcore. a beach near Venice has outlawed sandcastles. what's next - pails and shovels carried by 3 year olds?

if you are caught displaying any type of PDA in car, you are smacked with a 500 euro fine in Eboli.

in Vicenza, a man recently got fined for laying down in a park to read a book. clothed. no, it wasn't a Playboy man, it was The Alchemist.

in Capri, you are not allowed off the beach in merely a bikini.

any groups of two or more people in Novara, are forbidden from lounging around in parks at night. right, so one person can go, but three cannot.

in another town, you cannot mow your lawns on the weekend.

wow, it makes living in China sound like a cake-walk.

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