Farewell Isaac Hayes

Isaac lived a full life, but not that full where only 65 years on this earth is enough.

he had 12 children, a superior music career, an acting gig on South Park and in over 20 other tv shows/films, was a Scientologist, head owner of a basketball team and won 4 academy awards - including the first Academy Award for a non-acting category by an African American, for his work on Shaft - "Best Original Song".

found dead near his treadmill by his wife today, we have lost another great this week folks (Bernie Mac died yesterday).

having grown up picking cotton in Tenessee, he regretted to finish high school by 18, but returned to get his degree later in life. he soon got into music with the now infamous Stax Records, and was one of the biggest driving factors behind the success of southern soul.

(as buddhas in babylon, we struggle to keep a balance of yin & yang. having said that, this weekend suffered some heavy loss in the world of entertainment. while we normally are not this bleak, we must still honor those who have been greats in our lifetime! let us pray Morgan Freeman pulls through after being released.)

a fighter, successful businessman and an artist known to have deep-bass vocals and a very unique sound. as a tribute, please enjoy some Isaac Hayes mojo below:

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