lingerie can save lives.

Vicky's secret may just be - looking sexy while being unscathed by flying bullets.

apparently police in Germany have outfitted their police-women in bulletproof bras. where we here as laywomen in America often have to deal with the uncomfortable woes of bras, i.e. the straps leaving marks on shoulders, underwires cutting into our skin and some have to deal with the back-fat ordeal...police women were often severely hurt by the plastic and metal pieces when wearing their bulletproof vests and bullets penetrated them.

often times when pretending to be espionage and traveling through an airport or ghettos of Oakland or Philly, I wish I had on some protective gear that would still hold my DDs. now, we have an answer - and it's a pretty good-looking one at that.

dubbed, 'the action brasserie' , the German word for 'police' is sewn across it just in case you start to undress a female officer then try to shoot her.

I am not sure what the cross-dressing population is up to now in Germany, but you really can't blame the policemen if they would rather forgo the vests and put on this lighter, more attractive option.


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