there is no end in sight.

UPDATE - 12:22am, Sat 10/25
the story is totally fake. She is being held on $50k bail. claiming she is insane. yes, b*tch, you are. that is what the B stands for. I hope she is imprisoned for the election and can't put her vote in. people like her don't deserve a voice.

I am so appalled. excuse the rant below, but I have to let a few things off my mind.

after trolling through Gawker last night, I came upon a ridiculous story. let me run this by you and tell me what you think...(I won't even get to my issues with Gawker right now, so it's just the actual news story):

a 20 year-old goes to an ATM in Pittsburgh and (apparently has a MCCAIN sticker on her car) goes to take money out. afterwards, walking back to her car, she is 'mugged' by a man. not just any man. a black man who supports Barack. how do we know this? because, with a knife - he carved a 'B' into her cheek....a perfect B as a matter of fact. you would think someone robbing another person on the street would be a bit rushed..maybe not the time for perfect penmanship.

here is the funny part - the 'B' is backwards. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
does that scream 'I did this in a mirror' to you too?

now, this is a hefty girl. one who would need more than a slight punch in her eye. nothing is matching up in this story. and on top of this all - she refuses medical attention?

when I stub my toe, my first thought is - great. it's broken. - and I often consider going to the hospital.

now, I know Texas is a Republican state - but what 20 year-olds are seriously voting for MCCAIN? obviously she has a screw loose to begin with. now, hold onto your seats, cause here is the kicker - MCPALIN called her themselves to apologize. yep. you heard me. both Republican candidates dialed up this doll (as they were prancing around Philly that night, campagning saying they will do anything to win PA as a state). a bit fishy, no??

now - Gawker. damn it!!!!!!!! I liked you. why do you have to so emphatically report in the headline, "Woman Mugged by Obama Supporter!". WTF! and then, then to add injury- you report he was a "dark-skinned" Black man. why would that matter? how does it matter? the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (where the story was first posted) never stated the tint of 'his skin'. since when does the shade of what race you are come into play? I will tell you. when you have a Black man sweeping the polls for President. Obama made a statement hoping there would be justice in the case. I am sure he is talking about the fact that this is complete fiction.

the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is looking into the case. ATM cameras will be investigated as well.

she should be locked up on two accounts - 1. lying and 2. supporting terrorists.

UPDATE: her name is Ashley Todd who has a video on YouTube about another 'black man' who has harassed her in her campaign for a Republican Congressman. yep, you heard right - not only is she a MCCAIN supporter, but they say she also has been doing some campaigning for him.

UPDATE #2: I emailed nick@gawker.com my questions about their journalism skills in reporting he was a 'dark-skinned' black man. when he emailed back, he told me "to get over yourself". love the media.

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