Meaty news in MEPA.

dear club-owners of NYC,

having lurked in the trenches, been at parties, in the DJ booths, at VIP tables, worked behind the scenes at Club day offices and events...I have to say - we are clubbed out. NYC is just so behind the dime when it comes to good parties. and now...now, they are knocking down The Garden of Ono just so another fleshed out, underage, cheezy nightspot can open to rape us all of our morals, photog shots and wallets.

why would this be exciting...another club-disaster in MEPA? and to even think the purveyors behind Stereo are somehow involved - this hurts my heart.

as a woman (and quite a hot one at that), I get quite a kick out of the 3 am-messes who stumble out of the clubs on the cobblestone streets to hail a cab. lipstick smeared, ankle-boots scuffed, hair a complete disaster, and their bony knees run as far as they can with cigarette in hand to either deface men who already got a cab, or steal it to go back to their loft and blow some lines.

maybe this is my rant of having enough of the party scene in NYC for a while. but seriously, how hard is it to come up with a new idea, something other than the typical music - bottle - b&t crowd. and, let's totally ignore concepts like The Eldridge, Upstairs, and Backroom.

here is my advice to you: stay away from ridiculous ideas like The Box, steer clear of monster-clubs like Marquee and Pink Ele, and get those 'idea bulbs' going so we know for sure that someone is home upstairs.

maybe then I will resurface and come out.

woman on the guestlist

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