black friday: now I understand the meaning behind the name.

don't mean to be debbie-downer, but seriously folks...since when do we need (especially in this economy) a $750 50-inch flat screen Plasma.

and since when is it worth someones life?

out on Long Island today, a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death. to death. did they close the Wal-Mart? no. did the shoppers pause at least for a second to see if he was ok? no. did they make some room around the scene once ambulance workers came and tried to resuscitate the victim? no. he was trampled on by 100's of people. not just 100. hundreds.

it's really a shame when in this day and age, we value products over people's lives. this election could have gone the other way with McCain having presided, and y'all would not be running out to shop at (of all places) Wal-Mart. that is for sure. since when did consumerism take precedence over human life and compassion?

I wonder if they are going to go back to the tapes and press charges on the exact people who killed him. after all, it's homicide. and nothing would taste sweeter than those hillbillies not being able to enjoy their 50-inches of LOST this year, and having to spend time in the county jail.

who is to blame though? is it those who were standing on line at 9pm on Thursday night for the store's 5am opening? is it advertising? is it consumerism, and the machine we have created on a whole here in America? or is it the evil empire of Wal-Mart? story here.

dying to know,
lady luck.

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