Swine Flu, Swine Eaters + Enlightenment: My Argument

as an intelligent eater, i started questioning things at the age of 12. and I have never looked back.

that is not to say because you didn't, you are un-intelligent. or...lesser than I. now ask yourself, 'self, does it matter whether or not she is vegetarian? no...intelligent eating is just that. it's smarter.'

in light of recent events, I am sharing my thoughts:

  • the swine flu. the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION renamed it (it's scientific name, HL01 - Influenza A or some shit) because people stopped buying/eating pork. yes, we had to stop using the term 'swine' since people stopped supporting the pork industry.
  • pork belly is still a commodity in the stock market.
  • skittles has beef gelatin, and most meat eaters overlook this because they eat meat. what they don't realize is that it's used as an emulsifier (to keep the skittle soft inside) and it's the part of the animal that NO ONE eats (connective tissue).
  • the reason I have been a vegetarian for so long is to prove I can stick to something most people just consider a granola/crunchy way to live. to me, it is a religion.
  • I feel great about not having to live off of the meat of other animals. instead, I get ALL of my nutrients, minerals, fats and proteins from beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and vitamins.
  • what makes me the happiest is the fact that I was vegetarian while pregnant, and now while breastfeeding - I am still refraining from eating eggs, animal products, and skittles. my child will NEVER have to survive on meat from other species. from the time she was a fetus, all she has ever known is whole food.
  • milk is a funny concept. we are the ONLY mammal who drinks milk from other mammals. funny enough, humans were designed to live off our own mother's milk, and that milk only. we were never intended to drink the milk meant for a baby cow. this is why lactose intolerance and other milk-related allergies persist in our community these days.
  • it's amusing to me when people would rather not watch the videos of farm animals preparing for slaughter or to read up on what they are eating. it's truly bliss for those who are ignorant, as they take another bite of their pork sandwich. and then...they get mad at people like me saying we are on soapboxes. no....we just care about your health.
  • high fructose corn syrup is DAN-GER-OUS. read up on it. in fact, there is so much skepticism about it, the GOVERNMENT is putting out commercials promoting it.
  • do you think it's a coincidence that the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION overlook BOTH food and drugs? do you ever stop and think for a moment that they can be connected to one another (ie the food that makes you sick, in turn makes you turn to drugs: diabetes - insulin, high blood pressure medicine, heart (attack)medicine, etc).
  • vaccinations aren't even vegetarian. do you want some calf blood in your veins? how bout some chicken embryo? mercury?
  • if hormones and antibiotics are administered to the animals you eat, and they die in a frightened state (ie heads chopped off, dropped live into boiling water, having their neck broken, or anal/vaginal electrocution).....does it not register that you too eat the meat (petrified, medicine'd up, steroided up) of these poor animals? with the drugs and adrenaline pumped into the muscles - we are no longer eating the way our ancestors did when they clubbed animals to death and dragged their ladies through the mud to the cave. at least back then, we had the dignity to get our hands dirty.
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