box-ing up The Box.

so I have to say...for a spot to be open for only a few months - not charge at the door, and then start, is tacky. i mean i liked the old door dude who opened the spot. and i have been, aplenty. but - when revenue is tight and they take it out on us, that is way ghetto.

so ghetto in fact, it's too ghetto for me.

upon walking up to the door last night, with the new 'uneasy in his own skin with no door experience' door guy wimply holding a bogus clipboard. he questions everyone if they have a reservation, then when they say 'no' he says (with the cartoonish finger-to-lip 'wondering' face) :

"give me a second" and turns to pause, then a dramatic re-entrance into the club; bouncer holding door open, him spinning on one foot, to 'pretend' and go ask someone. and then...the dismissal, poor souls.

over it people. the box....should be a cardboard one. with that dude inside. that's that.

i mean, i went in, but...still.


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